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Foodie Gifts

People often ask themselves: "What can you give someone who has everything"? Luckily, if the person you are shopping for loves to cook and eat, you can find an endless supply of delicious goodies, unique and useful cooking tools, and funny (yet still functional) food and drink items, so finding gifts for foodies should never be too much of a challenge. To make it even easier for you, we have selected some the best foodie gifts on the web so you can find something for everyone, from caviar-chomping gourmets to donut-devouring college students to protein-packing weightlifters.

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  • Spring is here, and there’s no better way to commemorate it than by filling your home with live plants. With these egg succulent planters, you can easily plant small succulents in your home or on your porch. Each egg is designed to perfectly fit a small succul... Check it out

  • Tequila and salt are a match made in margarita. It’s a combination that rivals bacon and eggs. Tomato and basil. PB&J. Normally, you have to keep a salt shaker handy so you can lick the salt from your hand before each shot. With these tequila shot glasses ... Check it out

  • Dogs often just want to be treated like humans. Whether it’s sleeping in your giant cozy bed or eating your delicious people food, they just don’t seem to understand why there are some things you can have and they can’t. If you ever wondered whether your d... Check it out

  • You've probably eaten chocolate coins wrapped in gold wrappers as a kid or maybe even drank champagne with gold flecks as a classy adult, but what if you could combine the simple joys of childhood candy with fancy edible gold? These champagne-flavored edible gol... Check it out

  • This kit combines two things that hipsters love best: small-scale gardening and artisanal cocktails. With this cute cocktail herb garden set, you can grow fresh cocktail ingredients right in your home! You don't need to know the first thing about gardening or ba... Check it out

  • Every time Walking Dead ends for the season, it can be hard to find a way to fill the void it leaves. These Walking Dead cookie cutters won't replace the show, but at least they will help fill your stomach. And when the show is back, you can have the perfect coo... Check it out

  • Kitchen scales are great for portion control, but who has extra space in their kitchen? You can fold this portable food scale for travel or storage, so it fits any kitchen and you can bring your healthy eating habits with you wherever you go. To accommodate a va... Check it out

  • You’ll love baking even more when you have four smiling feline faces watching you. These ceramic cat measuring cups feature a simple and sweet cat design that’s both functional and cute. If you want your love of cats to seep into every area of your life, the... Check it out

  • Regardless of your favorite food, most people can agree on one thing: there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal. And there’s no better way to celebrate home cooking than putting this retro 'Eat Here' sign in your kitchen. The sign was created by Lori Sie... Check it out

  • Have you ever dreamed of having fresh herbs on hand whenever a recipe calls for them? Or perhaps you've just dreamed of not killing every plant you bring into your home? This self-watering herb planter can make either dream a hassle-free reality. So how does it ... Check it out

  • There’s something about a hot cup of coffee that provides the best energy boost. Cold coffee is no good (unless you're using a coffee cooling device to make iced coffee), and nobody likes that microwaved coffee flavor. Get Amazon’s best coffee cup warmer and... Check it out

  • Move over chocolate and vanilla, there's a new protein powder that should be making its way into your cabinet. This mocha protein powder has a delicious chocolate/coffee flavor and a substantial dose of caffeine, which makes it a great meal replacement if you do... Check it out

  • With so much work being done on computers nowadays, everyone should have a flash drive or two laying around. But they do not need to have boring, practical designs to be functional. Instead of opting for a bland, standard storage solution, give your flash drive ... Check it out

  • If you or someone you know is interested in distilling your own moonshine, this how to make moonshine book is a must-have. When you’re working with something that can be as dangerous as distilling, it’s important to educate yourself beforehand to avoid any c... Check it out

  • Nothing makes a morning better than a good breakfast and some coffee. But what if there were an easier way to make your breakfast and coffee each morning? That’s where this all in one breakfast machine comes in. Its fun, space-saving design allows you to make ... Check it out

  • No matter how much time you’ve spent with somebody, you can never know everything about them. With these dinner conversation cards for couples, you’ll find yourself learning all sorts of new things about your significant other. Not only that, it will prevent... Check it out

  • There are some smells that are almost universally a delight to the nose: coffee, bakeries, and for some, the rich buttery smell of freshly popped popcorn. For anyone who loves the smell of popcorn, this scented popcorn pillow is a dream come true. Just don’t b... Check it out

  • There’s something about a warm chocolate chip cookie with a cold glass of milk that just feels right. As adults, we aren't treated to this wonderful combination often enough, but then again, now that we're adults, we can buy this cookie shot glass mold and do ... Check it out

  • Even if you love to cook, there are times when it feels like a grueling job. In times like these, adding some playfulness to your kitchen can really make cooking feel like it should - like fun. This carrot whisk does just that, leaving behind the notion that o... Check it out

  • The classic Monopoly is a love it or hate it game. Either you think it's totally boring and drags out forever, or you can't get enough and fight tooth and nail for every railroad and property you can get your hands on. This Bacon Monopoly-style board game makes ... Check it out

  • Are you a lifter looking for more delicious ways to get enough protein? Are you a foodie looking to gain muscle? If either (or both) of these describe you, then this eBook was written with you in mind. Most people already know that you need to eat protein to gai... Check it out

  • Coffee mugs can be terrible gifts. How many 'Best Dad' or 'Favorite Boss' mugs do you think are piling up in landfills? Unlike regular boring coffee mugs, this mug features a chalkboard coating that allows you to write anything you want on it. Whether it’s doo... Check it out

  • Microwaves are awesome; they save you tons of time and can help reduce your power bill. However, microwaves aren’t without their faults. They often leave food unevenly cooked or soggy, which aren’t words you want to use to describe your food, especially not ... Check it out

  • Iced coffee has become incredibly popular. In the summer, many people find themselves spending five bucks to get their cold caffeine rush every day, and that just isn’t sustainable or, at least, smart spending. You won’t believe how much money you save by ma... Check it out

  • It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut. It's also pretty hard to find someone who doesn't regret the extra inches Krispy Kremes have put around their waist. With this set of Krispy Kreme candles, you can enjoy the delicious s... Check it out

  • Few things in life are as satisfying as carnivals. The rides, the games, the cavity-causing cotton candy — it really is an atmosphere all its own. This mini cotton candy machine helps you bring a little bit of that carnival fun home with you in the form of a d... Check it out

  • Are you constantly daydreaming about a delicious margarita on a sunny, tropical island? Now you can bring a little bit of that island feel home with this frozen drink maker. All you need is the ingredients for your favorite frozen cocktail and some ice and you c... Check it out

  • If you love baking, you know that decorating can be the most fun part of making cookies. Add a special personal touch to your next batch with this too-cute set of cookie stamps. There are three different stamps to choose from with the messages “Made with Love�... Check it out

  • It’s always nice to have a few drinks with friends; it’s even better when you have a drinking game to play. This spin the shot game decides once and for all whose turn it is to take a shot. Simply fill the shot glass and spin the plastic arrow — whoever it... Check it out

  • If you have to fight off temptation every time you see a claw machine, this is for you. You get to bring the game home from the arcade, and you’ll love the authentic true-to-the-original design. Simply fill it with your favorite candies, small toys, or other i... Check it out

  • Chapped lips are a pain, but the solution doesn't have to be a conventional chapstick with parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. Try something natural AND delicious — organic cake lip balm! Its great scent will encourage you to use it often, and each jumbo... Check it out

  • Everybody loves a good home-cooked meal, but you don’t always have the time and energy to spend an hour preparing dinner. This cutting board with mats makes prep work a streamlined process, including color coding and pictures to make sure you don’t cross-con... Check it out

  • Have you been looking for that perfect product to curb PMS symptoms? Look no further — this PMS chocolate is exactly what you need! It provides relief from symptoms while being a healthy, delicious chocolate snack. The best part about this chocolate is its ing... Check it out

  • Who doesn’t love movie theaters? The fun environment, the wide selection of snacks, and of course the world-class butter-drenched popcorn. This retro popcorn maker allows you to bring the fun and delicious taste of movie theater popcorn home with you. All you ... Check it out

  • You may not be able to suit up and fight crime in Gotham City, but you can drink coffee like Bruce Wayne with this awesome batman travel mug. No matter where you go, you can show off your favorite superhero while enjoying a hot beverage. This mug isn’t just fo... Check it out

  • As beautiful as your yard may be, it’s not reaching its full potential without proper lighting. These mason jar lid lights fit right into the top of standard mason jars, allowing you to easily make custom mason jar lights. They’re even solar powered for add... Check it out

  • All doughs aren’t created equally; some are much tougher to work with than others. For dense dough, you need this heavy marble rolling pin. In addition to its weight, marble has better non-stick properties than wood so it’s easier to clean. From the carefull... Check it out

  • Regular pancakes are fun for awhile, but that bland circle of dough gets boring after several standard breakfasts. Give your pancakes some pizzazz with this fish pancake maker. It works with standard stovetops and is also great for making authentic Japanese taiy... Check it out

  • Mornings aren’t for everybody. If you have trouble getting going in the morning, try this caffeinated peanut butter to give you a boost. When it’s hard to find time for coffee AND breakfast, this mix of protein and caffeine is the perfect solution so you get... Check it out

  • If you’ve never kept your spirits in a decanter, you’re missing out. It aerates your spirits, gives them a classier feel, and keeps you from saving those half-empty bottles. If you’re not a drinker, this globe whiskey decanter makes a perfect gift too; kee... Check it out

  • Whether you’re sneaking your favorite scotch into a mixer with friends or having a drink where you shouldn’t be, these hidden flasks are a must-have. They’re easy to carry and designed to look like everyday objects to ensure discretion. Even if these weren... Check it out

  • For some reason, fresh corn on the cob just tastes better than canned or frozen corn, but it can be a real pain to eat. This corn on the cob stripper will quickly and easily strip an ear of corn for convenient eating. And best of all, the plastic handle keeps yo... Check it out

  • Who doesn’t love a delicious frozen treat on a sunny day? This silicone ice cream sandwich mold allows you to easily make your own ice cream sandwiches in no time. You don’t need to know anything — it’s all included in the easy-to-follow recipe and direc... Check it out

  • An eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, this reusable food wrap offers the next generation in food preservation. Unlike ordinary plastic wraps, Cover Blubber is made from StickyRubber, a malleable material that can be stretched to cling on to nearly any siz... Check it out

  • Relaxing with a hot cuppa just got even breezier with tea drops. The 'drops' are formed with single servings of organic instant tea that have been pressed into various shapes, ready to be used. Drinkers need only add a tea drop into a cup of boiling water and st... Check it out

  • At Buff Bake, almond protein takes the cake. Unlike many other brands of flavored nut spreads, two tablespoons of this birthday cake high protein almond butter has only 3 grams of sugar while still packing in 11 grams of protein, utilizing roasted almonds and ho... Check it out

  • Yes, you read that correctly: pie on a stick, mixing the delicious majesties of pie AND lollipops. Unlike lollipops, these are not hard. They are literally mini pies! They can however be enjoyed like a lollipop - no forks or mess! You can take these portable pi... Check it out

  • How often do you want cake but just don’t have the time or energy to bake a whole one or even to bake a batch of cupcakes? Well, here is the answer to a problem that has been plaguing (wo)mankind for years: the My Cup of Cake mug cake gift set, where you can a... Check it out

  • If you can’t get enough of those delicious craft beer flavors, this craft beer cookbook is exactly what you need. Cooking with craft beer is a great way to enjoy the great taste of your favorite brews alongside your favorite foods. This cookbook features a wid... Check it out

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of beer pong? The only problem is the massive table you need to play. For parties in tight spaces, there’s this compact tabletop beer pong set. The small size isn’t the only great thing about this mini beer pong table — it�... Check it out