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Think Monopoly is Boring? You Haven't Played Bacon Monopoly

Bacon monopoly for 2-6 bacon lovers

Bacon monopoly for 2-6 bacon lovers

The classic Monopoly is a love it or hate it game. Either you think it's totally boring and drags out forever, or you can't get enough and fight tooth and nail for every railroad and property you can get your hands on. This Bacon Monopoly-style board game makes the game more interesting for everyone (who doesn't love bacon?)

Make sure you eat before you play, because this game is chock-full of bacon-inspired design, from the box and board all the way down to the porky playing pieces and properties. With room for up to 6 players and classic Monopoly-style gameplay (or an expedited one hour version!), it’s the perfect addition to your next game night.

$16.50 Check it out

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