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Organic Instant Tea Drops - Variety Pack

Eight organic instant tea drops in a lovely wooden gift box

Eight organic instant tea drops in a lovely wooden gift box

Four beautiful and delicious flavors

Four beautiful and delicious flavors

The tea drops story

Relaxing with a hot cuppa just got even breezier with tea drops. The 'drops' are formed with single servings of organic instant tea that have been pressed into various shapes, ready to be used. Drinkers need only add a tea drop into a cup of boiling water and stir. After a quick diffusion, you are left with a full-flavored cup without the wait or mess. No bags, no steep time: just tea.

Nestled inside a beautifully crafted balsa wood box, you will find eight individual tea drops formed into different shapes based on the specific blend of tea. Each pack includes: Vanilla White Tea (earthy bundts), Citrus Ginger (amber bundts), Sweet Peppermint (hearts), and Rose Earl Grey (flowers). All blends are certified USDA organic.

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