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Drink like a Spy with These Genius Hidden Flasks

Hidden flasks shaped like hairbrush, umbrella, or binoculars

Hidden flasks shaped like hairbrush, umbrella, or binoculars

Whether you’re sneaking your favorite scotch into a mixer with friends or having a drink where you shouldn’t be, these hidden flasks are a must-have. They’re easy to carry and designed to look like everyday objects to ensure discretion.

Even if these weren’t flasks, they’d still be great-looking products. There are three different sleek designs for you to choose from — binoculars, hairbrush and umbrella — each with a screw-off cap for easy pouring.

Made of plastic. Hairbrush holds 6 oz., umbrella holds 9 oz., and binoculars hold 16 oz. Funnel and shoulder strap come with binoculars. Great gag gift or even White Elephant gift!

$15.99-21.99 Check it out

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