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Kick Cramps to the Curb with PMS Chocolate

PMS Chocolate gift box

PMS Chocolate gift box

Comes with 6 all natural, vegan, and gluten free chocolates

Comes with 6 all natural, vegan, and gluten free chocolates

70-calorie treats

70-calorie treats

Hear from the creator

Have you been looking for that perfect product to curb PMS symptoms? Look no further — this PMS chocolate is exactly what you need! It provides relief from symptoms while being a healthy, delicious chocolate snack.

The best part about this chocolate is its ingredients: it’s made using natural, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients, such as dates, gluten-free oats, almond butter, and cocoa powder as well as herbs believed to help with PMS symptoms. If you like a little variety in your life, these chocolates have you covered with three delicious flavors.

Each pack contains six chocolates. 70 to 80 calories, 6g protein, 8g fiber per chocolate.

$10.99 Check it out

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