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Food API and Recipe API

«The only Food API you'll ever need.»
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spoonacular offers its food parsing, matching, and searching technology for businesses and developers to create outstanding applications.

Ingredients API

⤷ nutrition data
⤷ price data
⤷ amounts and conversion
⤷ cooking tips
⤷ health information
⤷ substitutions
⤷ mapping to products

Recipes API

⤷ nutrition analysis
⤷ cost breakdown
⤷ cooking tips
⤷ related recipes
⤷ scaling and converting
⤷ semantic search
⤷ wine pairings
⤷ ingredient to product mapping

Food Products API

⤷ nutrition data
⤷ nutrition visualization
⤷ price data
⤷ comparable products
⤷ health claims
⤷ descriptions
⤷ analyzed ingredient lists
⤷ semantic search
⤷ wine recommendations

Menu Items API

⤷ over 800 restaurant chains
⤷ nutrition data
⤷ nutrition visualization
⤷ description
⤷ semantic search

Latest API Announcements

Food Ontology

Using a unique food ontology, we are able to build semantic relationships between food items like ingredients, recipes, and store-bought products. This allows us, for example, to find all recipes with or without a certain ingredient (walnuts) or ingredient group (nuts) or compare a store-bought lasagna with hundreds of lasagna recipes for ingredient use, nutrition, and cost.

food ontology

What Sets Us Apart

spoonacular is dedicated to building the most comprehensive food ontology in the world. But what good is that data if you can't tap into its glorious potential? Our food API provides individual app developers as well as large businesses with the necessary tools to create stunning applications with our data.

Here are just a few use cases that can be easily implemented with our API:


✓ find recipes to use ingredients you already have ("what's in your fridge" search)
✓ find recipes based on nutritional requirements
✓ semantically search recipes, grocery products, and menu items
✓ UPC lookup of grocery products
✓ find recipe videos

Extract / Compute / Converse

✓ extract recipes from any website
✓ classify a recipe's cuisine
✓ convert ingredient amounts
✓ compute an entire meal plan
✓ map ingredients to products
✓ converse with a chatbot
✓ detect food in text (NER)

Get Information

✓ get the price of a recipe
✓ get nutritional information for ingredients
✓ get in-depth recipe, product and menu item information
✓ retrieve food trivia and jokes
✓ get ingredient substitutes

API Users

Our API is used by hundreds of universities, schools, companies, and hackathons all around the world. Check it out:

Get Started

Our API is freemium which means it starts from $0 in our free plan and scales with your needs. Also, if you're taking part in a hackathon or use the API in a school project, let us know and we'll give you discounted access during the event!

Please contact us if you have questions, or read the API docs below and get started with our API on mashape.

Libraries / SDKs

Our API can be used in many different programming languages. On mashape/RapidAPI there are wrappers for Java, Node, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and .Net. You can also pick from our list of SDKs.


Check out the API status page and feel comforted that you can rely on spoonacular's API!

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