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Level the Playing Field with Beer for Dogs

A six pack for your favorite pack animal

A six pack for your favorite pack animal

Dogs often just want to be treated like humans. Whether it’s sleeping in your giant cozy bed or eating your delicious people food, they just don’t seem to understand why there are some things you can have and they can’t. If you ever wondered whether your dog would enjoy a nice cold brew as much as you do, get them Bowser beer for dogs to find out AND to help them feel more included.

When creating this canine concoction, Bowser Beer didn't just make sure the ingredients are not toxic to dogs, they also took the opportunity to include ingredients that may even be healthy for your dog, such as malt barley for a shinier coat and glucosamine for improved joint health. Each pack of Bowser Beer comes with six 12oz bottles.

$41.23 Check it out

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