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Skip a Step: Use Tequila Shot Glasses Made of Salt

Shot glasses made of salt put an end to salt shakers and licking your hands.

Shot glasses made of salt put an end to salt shakers and licking your hands.

Tequila and salt are a match made in margarita. It’s a combination that rivals bacon and eggs. Tomato and basil. PB&J. Normally, you have to keep a salt shaker handy so you can lick the salt from your hand before each shot. With these tequila shot glasses made of salt, all you have to do is drink. Simple, and way more sanitary than licking your hands all evening.

These shot glasses are made from Himalayan salt, giving you a delicious hint of salt flavor with each shot. The salt also helps resist bacterial growth, making care super easy. Simply wipe the glasses clean between shots and when you’re completely done, just wipe them down once more and put them away. Do not put in the dishwasher!

Each pack contains four 3” shot glasses.

$29.21 Check it out

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