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Light Up Your Life with Mason Jar Lid Lights

Set of three mason jar lid inserts

Set of three mason jar lid inserts

Solar powered lid lights fit most mason jars

Solar powered lid lights fit most mason jars

Beautiful outdoor decoration

Beautiful outdoor decoration

As beautiful as your yard may be, it’s not reaching its full potential without proper lighting. These mason jar lid lights fit right into the top of standard mason jars, allowing you to easily make custom mason jar lights. They’re even solar powered for added convenience!

Each mason jar light is equipped with a water-resistant solar cell and a rechargeable AAA battery, which lasts 6-10 hours when fully charged. Simply place the light insert into a mason jar, screw the lid ring on over it, and beautify your backyard.

The set comes with three mason jar lights. Jars and lid rings not included.

$16.97 Check it out

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