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Vacation at Home with this Frozen Drink Maker

Make all your favorite frozen drinks quickly and easily

Make all your favorite frozen drinks quickly and easily

Fail-proof cocktails thanks to recipe pitcher

Fail-proof cocktails thanks to recipe pitcher

Are you constantly daydreaming about a delicious margarita on a sunny, tropical island? Now you can bring a little bit of that island feel home with this frozen drink maker. All you need is the ingredients for your favorite frozen cocktail and some ice and you can be wastin' away again in margaritaville in no time.

Three different settings (blend, shave, or blend/shave auto) give you complete control over your drink. The included recipe pitcher makes it easy to get the right measurements for pina coladas, daiquiris, and margaritas, while the ice-shaving blade at the top of the blender shaves ice to provide a frozen drink experience unlike any other drink maker.

Plastic blender makes 36 oz. of frozen drinks. Some parts are dishwasher safe.

$142.51 Check it out

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