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Zombie Cookies Are Scary Easy with Walking Dead Cookie Cutters

Make delicious cookies for a zombie movie night or Halloween party

Make delicious cookies for a zombie movie night or Halloween party

Comes with 3 zombie cookie cutters

Comes with 3 zombie cookie cutters

Every time Walking Dead ends for the season, it can be hard to find a way to fill the void it leaves. These Walking Dead cookie cutters won't replace the show, but at least they will help fill your stomach. And when the show is back, you can have the perfect cookies for your viewing party!

There are three different cutters in this set, each one featuring a different zombie shape. Why not make a savory meal from this zombie cookbook and use these cookie cutters to make a to-die-for dessert? Great gift for any fan of the zombie movie/show genre or for anyone who prefers sweet treats to brainssss.

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