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Our Mission

spoonacular will be the first food management system that combines dining out, eating store-bought food, and cooking at home to help you find and organize the restaurants, products, and recipes that fit your diet and can help you reach your nutrition goals.

As a spoonacular user, you can already add your favorite recipes and store bought products to our free meal planner, which automatically generates your shopping list and calculates the nutritional information for you. Whether you're cooking from scratch or picking something up at the store, our meal planner doubles as a food tracker that counts your calories, protein, fat, carbs, sugar, and other nutrients for you.

With our food search engine, you will soon find everything from "protein shake with 20 grams of protein" to "best vegan restaurant in Chicago" to "Paleo brownie recipes."

We want to make spoonacular the only site you need when it comes to the food you eat.

All your food. One place.

Who are we?


Crystal (coffeebean) is a curly-haired, coffee-loving content writer navigating the maze of information surrounding healthy lifestyles. She believes spoonacular will help her (and hopefully many others!) hit that sweet spot between health and taste.


David (dsky) has a PhD in computer science and a love for good food. He has an insatiable appetite for bacon cheeseburgers, semantic search technology, ice cream sundaes, linked data, German cuisine, and augmented reality.


Philipp (qqilihq) has a PhD in computer science and multiple degrees in good taste. His eye for design and detail make our mobile app so beautiful.


Allie (almahill) is singing and dancing through life (and the kitchen). Her hours on stage and her baking battle scars have given her the personality and prowess of an awesome food marketer.

Why is spoonacular free?

We want to make meal planning and healthy eating available to everyone. No strings attached. We are a small team and if you feel like spoonacular is helping you out and you want to support its development, we would love a small donation :)