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This Marble Rolling Pin Is Perfect for Baking

Green marble rolling pin

Green marble rolling pin

Also available in white

Also available in white

As well as available in beautiful black marble

As well as available in beautiful black marble

All doughs aren’t created equally; some are much tougher to work with than others. For dense dough, you need this heavy marble rolling pin. In addition to its weight, marble has better non-stick properties than wood so it’s easier to clean.

From the carefully shaped wooden handles to the nylon ball bearings, this rolling pin is built to run smoothly and last many years. When you’re done rolling your dough, simply hand-wash the rolling pin and put it back on the included wooden stand.

Marble portion is 10” long, entire rolling pin measures 18”. Weighs about 5 lbs. A great gift for any baker in your life!

$16.74-24.60 Check it out

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