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Birthday Cake High Protein Almond Butter

Low in sugar, high in protein - spread the fit indeed!

Low in sugar, high in protein - spread the fit indeed!

The healthiest way to get your birthday cake fix

The healthiest way to get your birthday cake fix

At Buff Bake, almond protein takes the cake. Unlike many other brands of flavored nut spreads, two tablespoons of this birthday cake high protein almond butter has only 3 grams of sugar while still packing in 11 grams of protein, utilizing roasted almonds and hormone-free whey protein to fuel the body and produce the power it needs to thrive.

Buff Bake's birthday cake almond protein spread can easily be enjoyed with fruit, toast, or in smoothies. With this nutrient-rich spread, you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

Ingredients include dry roasted almonds, hormone-free whey protein, organic coconut palm sugar, white chocolate chips, and organic extra virgin coconut oil.

$13.99 Check it out

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