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Get Things Rolling with Dinner Conversation Cards for Couples

135 cards with questions to get conversation flowing, skip the small talk!

135 cards with questions to get conversation flowing, skip the small talk!

Just one example question

Just one example question

No matter how much time you’ve spent with somebody, you can never know everything about them. With these dinner conversation cards for couples, you’ll find yourself learning all sorts of new things about your significant other. Not only that, it will prevent another dull conversation about your days at work.

The team over at TableTopics has taken the time to revamp these questions based on feedback they’ve received from fans. That means you’ll get tons of great questions, from light-hearted curiosities to deep, unanswered questions about your relationship. For example, 'What possession of your partner's would you like to throw away?' or 'Is it more important for communication to be authentic or kind?'

Includes 135 cards in a plastic case . Great engagement gift!

$25.00 Check it out

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