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Portable Pie on a Stick is a Dessert Game Changer

Pie on a stick

Pie on a stick

Handmade in the USA, just like your grandma's pie

Handmade in the USA, just like your grandma's pie

Available in three delicious flavors

Available in three delicious flavors

Yes, you read that correctly: pie on a stick, mixing the delicious majesties of pie AND lollipops. Unlike lollipops, these are not hard. They are literally mini pies! They can however be enjoyed like a lollipop - no forks or mess! You can take these portable pies anywhere and eat on the go.

There is one in each of your favorite flavors to choose from: apple, pumpkin, or s’mores with salted caramel or milk chocolate filling. Are you salivating, or is that just us?

They come two in a pack and make great gifts, although we cannot guarantee that they will actually make it to your recipient if you can help it. Sure to be a hit at your next party!

$9.99 Check it out

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