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Start Your Morning Right with an All in One Breakfast Machine

Brew coffee, fry eggs, make toast. A full breakfast with one compact device.

Brew coffee, fry eggs, make toast. A full breakfast with one compact device.

Availabled in 4 colors to match your design.

Availabled in 4 colors to match your design.

Nothing makes a morning better than a good breakfast and some coffee. But what if there were an easier way to make your breakfast and coffee each morning? That’s where this all in one breakfast machine comes in. Its fun, space-saving design allows you to make breakfast without racing around the kitchen. In fact, you don't even have to have a kitchen!

On the right side, you have a 4-cup coffee maker with pause ‘n serve and a handy filter compartment that swings out for easy changing. The left side has a 500-watt toaster oven and a frying griddle, allowing you to easily make a deluxe breakfast for one.

Available in black, red, blue, and white. College students or people living in tiny apartments will love this.

$26.99-35.63 Check it out

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