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Keep It Crispy with the Microwave Pizza Pan

Microwave pizza pan for the best reheated leftovers

Microwave pizza pan for the best reheated leftovers

Microwaves are awesome; they save you tons of time and can help reduce your power bill. However, microwaves aren’t without their faults. They often leave food unevenly cooked or soggy, which aren’t words you want to use to describe your food, especially not your pizza.

This cast iron, non-stick microwave pizza pan is here to help. Put your pizza slices or other food on the pan, pop it in the microwave, and you’ll have crispy fries, chicken, pizza, etc. in no time! Gone are the days of greasy, droopy leftovers. Plus, you can use it to prepare frozen food, brown meat, or even cook bacon and eggs for a quick breakfast.

$43.72 Check it out

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