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This Coffee Cooling Device Will Save You a Fortune

Pour in hot coffee, get chilled coffee in 60 seconds!

Pour in hot coffee, get chilled coffee in 60 seconds!

Cooled coffee, no dilution

Cooled coffee, no dilution

Your iced coffee drink can be made in minutes!

Your iced coffee drink can be made in minutes!

Iced coffee has become incredibly popular. In the summer, many people find themselves spending five bucks to get their cold caffeine rush every day, and that just isn’t sustainable or, at least, smart spending. You won’t believe how much money you save by making your iced coffee at home, and this device makes it way more convenient.

The usual problem with iced coffee is waiting for your hot coffee to cool so you don't end up diluting it with ice. That's why this coffee cooling device is so great, especially if you’re short on time. It chills coffee in just 60 seconds without watering it down like ice would. Plus all you have to do is keep in the freezer and it’s always ready to go.

Dishwasher safe. 12.5 oz capacity.

$36.99 Check it out

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