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Grab Unlimited Prizes with a Mini Claw Machine

Mini claw machine - play til you win!

Mini claw machine - play til you win!

If you have to fight off temptation every time you see a claw machine, this is for you. You get to bring the game home from the arcade, and you’ll love the authentic true-to-the-original design. Simply fill it with your favorite candies, small toys, or other items, put a coin in the slot, and use the joysticks to control the claw.

This claw machine has three joysticks for maximum claw control and comes with plastic coins so you don’t have to use real money. Coins are stored below the claw machine in an easy-to-open compartment.

You can play until you win and you'll never have to complain again about the game being rigged or a rip off.

$31.75 Check it out

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