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Fish Pancake Maker Makes Pancakes Even More Fun

Fish shaped pancakes can be filled with Nutella, pie fillings, etc. Yum!

Fish shaped pancakes can be filled with Nutella, pie fillings, etc. Yum!

Non-stick pancake pan works on standard stoves

Non-stick pancake pan works on standard stoves

Regular pancakes are fun for awhile, but that bland circle of dough gets boring after several standard breakfasts. Give your pancakes some pizzazz with this fish pancake maker. It works with standard stovetops and is also great for making authentic Japanese taiyaki.

Designed for ease of use, this pancake maker has a convenient handle and is made of non-stick material so you don't need much oil. Plus, since it makes two pancakes at once, you won’t have to spend an eternity making enough for everybody. Just heat the pancake maker on your stove, fill with batter, and cook pancakes on both sides. Makes two 5” x 3” pancakes. Pan is made of non-stick aluminum and weighs just 1 lb.

$23.71 Check it out

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