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Free Online Food Academy - Learn about Foods, Preparation, Nutrition, and Cooking


If you didn't learn to cook growing up, it might feel hard to start as an adult. However, if you can follow a recipe and have the right ingredients and tools, all you need is some basic know-how, which you can get from this free online cooking course.


You can't use every apple for baking. You should buy organic zucchinis, but not necessarily organic avocados. Powdered sugar is easy to make at home if you forget it at the store. Facts like these are covered in this section because having a basic understanding of common ingredients makes cooking easier — you can avoid making mistakes and be more flexible in the kitchen.


There are certain tasks that you will likely do again and again in the kitchen. Others you may only do for special occasions. Whether it's cooking pasta every week or poaching eggs once a year, these How-Tos will teach you how to handle it all.


Especially if you are new to cooking, you may run across certain cooking techniques in recipes without any further explanation. Below you will find explanations of some of the most common techniques, from browning to zesting to reducing.


A balanced, healthy diet is important to feeling good and living a long life. But with all the possible diets out there — many of which contradict each other — how are you supposed to know what to eat?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Food intolerances, activity levels, age, and numerous other personal issues mean that people have different needs and that there are a number of diets that can be considered healthy. A good starting place is understanding the basics of nutrition. Nutrients, the substances in food that we need to survive, are obviously a necessary component in any healthy diet.


If you ever wanted to branch out and try new cuisines, these lessons will teach you about typical ingredients and dishes to set you on your path to delicious new experiences.

Questions and Answers

In this section you can find answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition, cooking, and food in general.

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