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Adding Flavor and Moisture

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In this Lesson you will Learn

  1. What is marinating?
  2. What is brine?
  3. What is a rub?
  4. What is a glaze?

The following techniques are used to add flavor, moisture, texture, and/or a glossy appearance to your dishes.


Meat, fish, and vegetables can be soaked in a mixture of a fat (commonly oil or full fat yogurt), an acid (such as citrus juice, vinegar, or wine), and various herbs and spices. Marinating is used to add flavor and moisture.1


Brining refers to the process of soaking meat and fish in a solution of water and salt. The brine causes the meat/fish to absorb more liquid and, more importantly, prevents it from losing this moisture during cooking. Dried herbs and sugar can also be added to a brine.2


Rubs, as the name suggests, are mixtures of dry seasonings rubbed onto the surface of meat and fish. To apply a rub, just sprinkle it on and spread it with your fingers.3


Glazes are sweet or savory liquids used to give foods—from pastries to meat and fish—more flavor and a shiny surface. Glazes can be applied before, during, and/or after cooking by dipping the food into the glaze, pouring the glaze over the food, or by using a brush to coat the food with the glaze.4 For meat and fish, a glaze might be as simple as brown sugar and mustard or honey and soy sauce. Glazes (and demi-glazes) for meat and fish can also be made by reducing stock until you have a thick syrup and using this glaze to make a sauce.5 Baked goods, on the other hand, can be glazed by brushing on a so-called "egg wash" before baking or by drizzling them with a simple mixture of powdered sugar and water after baking.

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  1. Marinating is soaking food in a mixture of a fat and an acid, such as oil and vinegar.
  2. Brining is soaking meat or fish in a solution of salt and water.
  3. Rubs are mixtures of dry seasonings rubbed onto the surface of meat and fish.
  4. Glazes are sweet or savory liquids used to give foods more flavor and a shiny surface, such as honey and soy sauce for salmon or powdered sugar and water for baked goods.
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