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Funny Fortune Cookies for your Next Dinner Party

Fortune Cookie Set

Fortune Cookie Set

Mean fortune cookies make funny fortune cookies

Mean fortune cookies make funny fortune cookies

Great party item

Great party item

Get some prank inspiration

Fortune cookies can be disappointing. They can be too cryptic, absolutely nonsensical (something was definitely lost in translation), or they can just be full of saying-what-you-want-to-hear BS. But what if you could count on them to be entertaining?

That's exactly what this funny fortune cookie set delivers. Each cookie has a fortune that is crystal clear in its meaning - and this meaning is either insulting, disturbing, funny, or some combination of the three.

With each order, you get 10 fortune cookies with fortunes unlike any your guests have ever received from their favorite Chinese place. They come packaged in a cute take-out box and feature fortunes such as 'You just ate cat' or 'Shame on you for thinking a cookie is psychic. They'll definitely be a hit and a great conversation piece!

$8.99 Check it out

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