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Beer Glass with Bottle Opener Built In

Convenient and a conversation starter

Convenient and a conversation starter

Some people are skilled in the art of bottle opening without the proper supplies. I am not. I can't use keys, a lighter, a countertop, or any of the other clever things people have figured out over time to avoid going without a cold refreshing beer.

This beer glass with its own built-in bottle opener is awesome. You never need to rifling through any messy drawers or wonder where you left the darn thing. Just pull out your beer bottle, your bottle opener beer glass, and you're ready to go. Plus, the glass mug is 24 ounces, so you can definitely quench your thirst. Makes a great gift for any beer drinker, and perhaps especially for the aging beer drinker who is prone is forgetting where he put his bottle opener. Father's Day gift, anyone?

$7.99 Check it out

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