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Magnetic Bottle Opener for Your Man Cave

Magnetic bottle opener holds 50 bottle caps

Magnetic bottle opener holds 50 bottle caps

Close up of bottle opener

Close up of bottle opener

Strong magnets on back of the wood board

Strong magnets on back of the wood board

This magnetic bottle opener is as handsome as it is functional. Made of solid Merbau wood with a zinc opener, it is a high quality, well crafted item that will look great in your home or given as a gift. It can either cling to your fridge with its magnet or be mounted on your wall (it comes with screws). The strong magnet also makes it possible for the board to hold up to 50 bottle caps, so the board becomes even more decorative as it gets full. If you drink a variety of beers (craft beer fan, maybe?), this magnetic bottle opener offers a great solution for collecting those caps. If you're keeping your man cave classy—think leather and cigars—this will fit right in.

$34.99 Check it out

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