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Outdoor Wine Glass Holder to Stop Summer Wine Spills

Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

Works on numerous chairs or on the ground

Works on numerous chairs or on the ground

See How It Works

Alcohol is undeniably a part of many social events. Tailgating, camping, outdoor concerts, and summer festivals come to mind. Drinking beer from a bottle is socially acceptable, drinking wine from the bottle...not so much.

If you don't want to go full-on wine sippy cup, there's another solution to never putting down your glass or constantly making sure you don't knock it or kick it over. The Bella D'Vine Outdoor Wine Glass Holder can be attached sturdily to your chair armrest, driven into the ground with a stake, or stuck to other surfaces with suction cups. Your wine glass slides in and locks your glass in place. It even works with stemless glasses, even though the stemmed glasses seem more secure. Available in green, marine blue, navy blue, pink, gray, and purple.

$15.99 Check it out

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