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$10 Hackathon / University Sign Up

Please get a username on before sending this form.
You can get up to 5,000 requests per day on a hackathon or academic plan for $10. Please read the details of the plan when you get your invitation.
Your name: Your email (for academic access, please use your University Email): School or Hackathon Name (or Link): Mashape Username (sign up at before sending this form): What are you going to build (at least 150 characters): Access needed until (extension after 3 month can be arranged):
Please like this page before requesting access.
We are a small team and check every request manually. If your request is granted it may take up to 72 hours for us to get back to you.
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Software Development Kits (SDK)

Our API is hosted on mashape so you can head over there, sign up and get started coding right away.

You will find all endpoints in multiple languages on mashape! Alternatively, you can download an SDK here. Be advised that the most up to date API is always on mashape.

Android Library (Android Studio with Gradle)

A gradle based android library project, which can be used with Android Studio as well as command line based gradle build system.

Java Library (Eclipse with Maven)

An eclipse based java library project, which can be used with JRE7.


An AngularJS library based on v1.3.0.

Portable Class Library

A project for creating a C# class library (.dll) that can run on Windows, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Go Client Package (Goclipse Project)

A Go language v1.4 client library package that is compatible with command line tools as well as the Goclipse IDE.

PHP Library

A php library based on PHP >= 5.3 and Composer dependency manager.


An Node.js npm package based on Node.js v0.12.4.

Ruby Gem

A Ruby Gem based on Ruby >= 2.0.0.

Ruby Gem based on Unirest

External gem by Daniel Woznicki

Having problems with any of the SDKs? Look here for auto-generated versions.