February, 2020

Recipe Search

We have been working on the speed of the recipe search. The new Complex Recipe Search endpoint is now five times faster.

You can now also sort recipes by a large list of criteria, such as by any macro- or micronutrient, cooking time, price, meta-score, or just random.

The nutritional information for each recipe now also contains the weight per serving:

"weightPerServing": {
    "amount": 269,
    "unit": "g"

Additionally, the nutritional information also includes net carbs, which is defined in the API as total carbohydrates minus the fiber content.

Autocomplete Ingredients

When requesting meta-information from the autocomplete ingredient endpoint, you can now also request a list of possible units for any given ingredient.

For example, if your app allows users to enter ingredients, you might want to let them enter 3 slices of apple instead of just 1 oz of apple. The possible units tell you whether the API recognizes the unit (e.g. slices) and can compute the nutrition correctly. The API does not know "slices" for, say, peanuts, so it is beneficial to let your user only pick units that can be understood.

Grocery Products

Information about grocery products now contains all the nutritional information we have for a product, not just macronutrients. Additionally, we added a description of the product if available and attempt to guess the supermarket aisle where you would expect to find the product.

New Resources & Your Feedback

We have published a list of the top 1,000 ingredients used in recipes and their spoonacular ingredient ids here.

All our SDKs have been recompiled, so make sure you update your SDK if you are using an older one.