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Chocolate Box Herb Garden Gift Set

Herb Garden Gift Set

Herb Garden Gift Set

Beautifully presented seeds

Beautifully presented seeds

Packaging includes candy cups, a gold candy pad, and seed 'truffles'

Packaging includes candy cups, a gold candy pad, and seed 'truffles'

This herb garden gift set designed to look like a box of chocolates is VERY convicing, so don't leave them unintended. If someone accidentally takes a bite into clay, compost, and herb seeds, they probably won't appreciate the gift even after you explain what it really is.

Warnings aside, this cute gift set is great for gardeners or hobby cooks. Follow the planting instructions and these 'truffles' will yield basil, parsley, chives, and thyme. So unlike actual chocolates, the joy these bring will last until the very last bit of fresh herb has been snipped from the garden and used in a delicious home-cooked meal. And like the meals you'll enjoy with these fresh herbs, this herb garden gift set is handmade in the USA!

$15.99 Check it out

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