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How Much and What to Eat to Gain Muscle (Brand New Protein eBook!)

- Written by on February 20th 2020

Our first eBook Lift, Eat, Repeat: Your Guide to Eating Well while Gaining Muscle is now available on Amazon.

Lift, Eat, Repeat answers many of the questions you have about eating protein to gain muscle, such as:

  • How much protein do you really need?
  • When should you eat protein?
  • Which types of protein are best?
  • What foods are high in protein?

You will find concise, scientifically-backed answers to these questions along with 15 easy, high protein recipes! These recipes span breakfast to dessert, including our protein mocha or "promocha", gluten free and protein rich pumpkin bread, omega-3 fish cakes, protein brownies, and much more.

Our first readers have said:

"this E-Book gave me a lot of new ideas which I will definitely try out" - Cyberpete

"this E-Book is amazingly well structured and gave me a good insight on how to get started without having to give up on delicious (but still healthy) meals!" -Raingazer

Make sure you are getting the right amount of protein to reach your goals by downloading Lift, Eat, Repeat...spooner than later! And since nutrition is just one piece of the fitness puzzle, be sure to read this post that describes ten habits that will get you closer to your fitness goals. Spoiler alert: the first one is more protein!

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to leave us a review on Amazon and on Goodreads.


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on February 20th 2020

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