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Looking for a good replacement for Evernote Food? Try spoonacular!

- Written by on October 3rd 2018

Evernote ceased support for their food app in 2015. They encouraged users to move their recipes and other content over to the original Evernote or to another app.

Many people weren't happy to abandon a designated food app and still aren't happy with the food apps they know. If this sounds like you, please try spoonacular. Users who used the app to organize recipes or to track their best (and worst) meals at home or out will find us to be a good replacement for Evernote Food.

How spoonacular Helps Evernoters

With our website and apps we make it possible to:

Find new recipes

Our semantic recipe search engine makes it possible to find recipes with or without certain ingredients (e.g. brownies with walnuts or chili without beans), recipes suitable for special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc.), as well as recipes that are easy, quick to make, and popular.

Save your favorite recipes

With the spoonacular recipe clipper, you can save recipes from all your favorite cooking sites and blogs. Plus, you get the nutritional information for every recipe you save - automatically. Our extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, while our bookmarklet lets you save recipes from Internet Explorer.

Organize your recipes

Though we don't currently have a note-taking feature (apart from the instructions/star rating for your own original recipes), you can organize your recipes into customizable recipe boxes. I personally sort my recipes into Breakfast, Lunch, Weeknight Dinner, Weekend Dinner, Healthy Desserts, and so on.

You also don't need to tag recipes as vegetarian, gluten free, etc., nor do you have to tag ingredients they contain to find the right recipe again later. We make it possible to search through your saved recipes by simply typing in "vegetarian pasta" or "chicken with lemon and capers" to find the right dishes.

Make meal plans

With the spoonacular meal planner, you can drag and drop your saved recipes and other foods onto breakfast, lunch, and dinner spaces for every day of the week. The nutritional information is totaled for you, so you can track your daily calories, fat, protein, and carbs as well as vitamins, minerals, and (what we most try to limit) sugar. Once you've made your meal plan, you can automatically generate a shopping list. Not only are we a good replacement for Evernote Food, we bring new features to the table too.

Track your favorite meals

Because we see ourselves as a platform to manage all your food in one place, we also make it possible to manage your favorite store-bought products and chain restaurant meals. Soon, we will expand our restaurant coverage to your favorite local restaurants as well. In the meantime, we have already released a food journal feature.

With the food journal, you can upload pictures of your favorite food experiences (and the flops) to remember where you ate, what you ordered, and how it was.

You can also search your pictures—for example by typing in "burger"—to see all the burgers you've tracked in your journal.

We're always interested in user feedback and are happy to adapt our site and apps to add missing features, so if there's something you'd like us to work on we'd love to hear from you.


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on October 3rd 2018

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