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spoonacular pebble app - nutritional information right on your wrist

- Written by on March 25th 2016

Watches are becoming smarter. In our mission to allow users to access food data anywhere anytime, we have built a tiny watchapp for the pebble smartwatch. The app gives you access to nutritional data of ingredients and even lets you convert measurements. Since everything is voice activated there is no cumbersome typing involved. Perfect for when your hands are covered in flour, but you need to know one more thing before you can finish your masterpiece.

The app is currently super simple. Just press one button to activate voice recognition. Ask your question like "vitamin c in one apple", "how many calories are in 4 ounces of milk", or even "3 ounces of butter in grams". Once the question is understood, the app will show you the answer on the screen.

See the steps in action:

Have a pebble and want to test the app? Just follow the link below or search for the app on the official store. The app is completely free like all spoonacular apps :)

spoonacular nutrition helper is available on the Pebble appstore

Don't have a pebble? Well, get one, from personal experience I can highly recommend that watch. It is light, looks super stylish and it never gets boring. Click the one you like best (I got the one on the very left):


David Urbansky

Written by on March 25th 2016