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The Story Behind the Super Spoon

- Written by on December 16th 2013

spoonacular is a new recipe search engine and social cooking platform. We started spoonacular because we are convinced we can create the world's best recipe search engine.

Natural language search -- that is, search that understands the language people really use -- was a common theme in the PhD research of some of our team members. Others are foodies and amateur cooks intimately familiar with the many websites currently offering recipe search.

Together, we intend to make spoonacular a recipe-finding and recipe-sharing platform unlike any other.

99 designs

spoonacular logo green on white

Before the first version of spoonacular could go online, we knew we needed a memorable logo and decided to try 99designs. The first step, filling out the design brief to describe your needs, is already a worthwhile exercise because every endeavor needs a clearly-communicated mission. One of the first submissions we received was the first draft of our superhero spoon, and we liked it immediately. It created the image of spoonacular saving the world of recipe search-- a heroic spoon rescuing disappointed recipe search users.

There were many great ideas from other designers as well; we were very impressed by the number of responses we received and how graciously the designers tweaked their submissions at our request. We also enjoyed our interactions with the 99designs team who included our project in a post commemorating their 200,000th contest and who continue to reach out to us. The money-back guarantee doesn't hurt either, particularly if you need a logo for a "labor of love" with a limited budget. There is no pressure to settle for a logo you don't love, and should you find the perfect logo as we did, the price is more than fair. After all, our logo is now on our website, business cards, shopping bags, coffee mugs, etc.

spoonacular shopping tote

spoonacular coffee mug

Thanks you 99designs for providing this excellent service. We hope the world will see much more of this logo in the future. Stay spooned!


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on December 16th 2013

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