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Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

Kit Kit Package - Matcha Green Tea Flavor

Kit Kit Package - Matcha Green Tea Flavor

Beautiful candy bars. Photo courtesy of Bodo

Beautiful candy bars. Photo courtesy of Bodo

Matcha is hot right now. Or cold, if you opt for an iced matcha latte. The point is, matcha is finding its way into tons of drinks, desserts, and even Kit Kat bars.

These Japanese Kit Kats are a beautiful light green with matcha flavor, paired with smooth white chocolate and of course the iconic Kit Kat wafer layers.

This bag includes 12 individually wrapped snack-size bars. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of freshly brewed green tea and a great gift for anyone who loves sweets and doesn't live in Japan, since these aren't available elsewhere. Order ahead of time, since they really ship from Japan!

$4.62 Check it out

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