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Surprisingly Classy Box Wine Purse

Stylish, not sloppy

Stylish, not sloppy

Pretty in pink with the rosé box wine purse

Pretty in pink with the rosé box wine purse

The chardonnay purse

The chardonnay purse

Box wine has a stigma to overcome. Unless its bottled counterparts, no one is glorifying its consumption on social media with cute memes. No one is buying funny box wine gifts for their friends. Poor, misunderstood box wine. But what if box wine could be practical and fashionable?

Enter the box wine purse. These handbags are made from sturdy, glossy cardboard designed to look like high-end designer purses. They are better, of course, because they contain 1.5 liters of wine that you can pour from a built-in spigot. The box wine purse means you can enjoy cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, or rosé anywhere you go while keeping it classy.

Planning to make a whole day of your Bachelorette party? Your bridesmaids need these.

$43.39 Check it out

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