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The Best and Healthiest Frozen Waffles: Our Picks

- Written by on April 25th 2015

Unless it's the weekend, you probably don't spend that much time making breakfast. Many of us feel lucky if we have time to eat breakfast at all. Still, having something substantial in the morning can help us resist other temptations before lunch rolls around. Break room donuts? We're looking at you. But not eating you, because we already had breakfast, thank you very much.

best frozen waffles

If you're often in a hurry in the morning, you might be someone who reaches for a box of waffles in the freezer. You don't have to throw in the towel and settle for Eggo chocolate chip though - you can turn frozen waffles into a healthy, delicious breakfast instead of just sugary, empty carbs. If that sounds good to you, read on to find the best frozen waffles for your goals.

Homemade Frozen Waffles

Okay, this might seem like a cop out, but you can make a huge batch of homemade waffles and freeze them for fast weekday breakfasts. These are definitely going to be the healthiest frozen waffles; this recipe for pancake batter can also be used to make 4 ingredient, high protein waffles which freeze very well. You just pop them in the toaster while frozen and enjoy with whatever toppings you like - a little pure maple syrup, berries, Greek yogurt, or if you're feeling naughty, Nutella.

High Protein Waffles

If you don't want to make your own high protein waffles, then there is at least one good store bought option for you, Van's Power Grains Waffles. Their ingredient list is relatively clean and they are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Van's Power Grains Waffles

  • GMO free waffles
  • 10 grams of protein per serving (5g per waffle)
  • 6 grams of sugar per serving (3g per waffle)

Gluten Free Waffles

Our pick for the best frozen waffles for gluten free diets are Nature's Path waffles. There are a few different versions, including a delicious pumpkin spice flavor. Instead of wheat flour, they contain brown rice flour, potato starch, and corn flour. Not only are they gluten free, they are certified organic and vegan too! Since they are rather low in protein, however, we recommend eating them with something protein rich on top, such as Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or even a fried egg!

Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free Homestyle Waffles

  • certified organic, gluten free, vegan
  • only 2 grams of protein per serving (1g per waffle)

Whole Grain Waffles

Kashi makes two types of frozen waffles, 7 Grain and Blueberry. Both are made with whole wheat flour and their 7-grain mix, which contains oats, hard red wheat, rye, brown rice, triticale, barley, and buckwheat. Thanks to their high whole grain content, they also contain 7 and 6 grams of fiber respectively, so these might be the best frozen waffles if you need more fiber in your diet.

Kashi 7 Grain All Natural Waffles

  • whole grain, 6-7 grams of fiber per serving (3-3.5g per waffle)
  • only 4 grams of protein per serving (2g per waffle)

Paleo Frozen Waffles

Though you won't likely find any Paleo frozen waffles at the grocery store, you could combine our first tip for homemade frozen waffles with this Paleo waffle mix. Prepare the waffles according to their instructions, freeze, and toast. Who says the Paleo diet has to be restrictive?

So there you have it - our recommendations for the best and healthiest frozen waffles. Did you know you can add frozen waffles (and any other products you eat regularly) to your spoonacular meal planner?


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on April 25th 2015

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