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Learn to Cook with the spoonacular Academy

- Written by on April 9th 2015

If you're a beginner who wants to learn to cook, or even if you're as seasoned as the cast iron pan you've used for years, the academy offers useful information about a variety of cooking topics to make you a better chef. The academy is now in session.

It covers:

  • Kitchen Utensils and Appliances - a guide to must-have kitchen utensils; great for setting up your first kitchen
  • Ingredients - how to select, store, and prepare various foods. Did you know you should buy organic zucchinis, but not necessarily organic avocados? Or did you know powdered sugar is easy to make at home if you forget it at the store? Have you ever tried adding water to the pan when making bacon? This section covers these tips and tricks because having a basic understanding of common ingredients makes cooking easier.
  • How-To Videos - Whether it's a basic skill you'll use every day or something advanced to pull out for party guests, this section has videos that will definitely help you learn to cook as they guide you through numerous cooking techniques.
  • Nutrition - "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." The basics of nutrition are important if you want to stay healthy!
  • Cuisines - By now everyone knows how to whip up a good Italian meal. But have you ever made Indian at home? Cooked up something Chinese instead of ordering takeout? Learn about traditional ingredients and dishes from several of the world's cuisines.

We hope these resources will help beginners learn to cook and teach even seasoned pros something new. We will be continuously adding more lessons, so send us a message if you have any tips to share or topics you would like us to cover!


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on April 9th 2015

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