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GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals aka Adult Lunchables

Check out these super classy picnic meals that will now serve as your lunchables for adults

Check out these super classy picnic meals that will now serve as your lunchables for adults

I remember lunchables fondly. It doesn't get much simpler than peeling the plastic off a box and eating your cheese, crackers, lunch meat, and a sweet treat if you got a good one. Of course, as an adult, I wouldn't feel quite right about buying food clearly meant for the under 12 crowd (not to mention I need healthier food now that I have the metabolism of an adult).

This is where GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals come in. They come in grown-up appropriate varieties like salami and cheese, sunbutter and crackers, and black bean dip and plantain chips, and they have enough calories to keep an adult full.

The salami and cheese meal pictured here comes with smoked beef salami, Asiago cheese spread, olive oil and sea salt crackers, fruit & nut mix, and chocolate-filled cookie pillows for dessert. It's good to be a grown up.

$25.04 Check it out

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