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4 Reasons You Need the spoonacular App

- Written by on April 7th 2014

The spoonacular app makes it possible to search for new recipes, save recipes you want to cook later, and upload your own recipes to an online recipe book.

The app is free and easy to use just sign in with Facebook, Google, or Windows Live, cook something delicious, take an appetizing picture, and punch in the ingredients. Press save and get your recipe instantly rated according to healthiness, cost, and time efficiency.

spoonacular app

Now, why do you need the spoonacular app? Here are 4 good reasons:

1. To Have the World's Best Recipe Search Engine at your Fingertips

spoonacular Search Queries Spoonacular's recipe search engine understands natural language that is, it really knows what you mean when you use words like "with", "without", "healthy", "fast", "cheap", etc.

This means no more meat in your "vegetarian chili" or wheat flour in your "gluten-free brownies", just the results you are looking for. Try this with conventional search engines and you will often see that they depend on the recipe's title or just ignore some of your search terms (how rude).

2. To Challenge Yourself

With the spoonacular app, you can earn achievements for your profile at Achievements are awarded for high-scoring and popular recipes, but you can also earn achievements for creating recipes that meet certain requirements.

Instead of cooking your same go-to meals again and again, you will have to branch out into the world of vegan and vegetarian cooking, come up with quick recipes for days when you have just 20 minutes to cook, and figure out how to eat when you have just 5 ingredients left in your fridge.

These and other challenges await!

Best/PopularA Taste of Popularity: 5 people have liked or shared one of your recipes, well done!

Vegetarian Meatless Prowess: To get this achievement, you need to upload three vegetarian recipes.

Quick Speedy Spoon: Create a dish with at least TEN ingredients that goes from fridge to finished in 20 minutes or less!

If you're not sure what to make, you could always try the recipe of the day! The app's live tile shows you a new, mouth-watering picture every day. Put your own personal twist on the recipe and get cooking.

3. To Keep Track of Recipes

spoonacular Recipe Search Engine

You can save any of the more than 100,000 recipes spoonacular has to offer, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts, by clicking the save icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you're planning an Italian dinner with friends, you can easily search for and save recipes for bruschetta, caprese salad, lasagna, and tiramisu. If you run across an awesome tiramisu-inspired ice cream sundae, you can save this for later too. You can access your saved recipes on your phone under "My Recipes" or at at any time.

In just a few clicks, you can pull up all these recipes when you're at the grocery store picking up the ingredients.

4. To Document Your Own Cooking Experiences— the Good and the Bad!

The success of social networking rests on the fact that we all like to share information about our lives, and popular Pinterest pins seem to suggest everybody loves pictures of food too. When you upload a recipe via the spoonacular app, it is uploaded to and can be easily shared via Facebook or Pinterest. When you drop a hefty chunk of cash on some exotic ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen, you certainly want to capture the finished product and get some recognition for your hard work!

spoonacular Facebook share

Plus, with the spoonacular app you can make recipe notes for yourself to remember for next time. Was the recipe with 6 servings really only enough for 4? Note it. Was it too spicy, too sweet, too salty? Note it. Did you sub the sour cream for Greek yogurt, use fresh cilantro instead of dried, add a splash of vinegar? Note it! Forget illegible scribbling in the margins of recipes and loose scraps of paper stuck into cookbooks. Your spoonacular notes will never get lost… Even if you believe cooking is more of an art than a science, you want to be able to learn from your mistakes and benefit from your own personal touches again.

Not sure what to make for dinner? You won't have this problem anymore with all your kitchen successes safely stored in the spoonacular app. Just pick from your recipes and get cooking!

Where Can I Download the Free spoonacular App?

Convinced? The spoonacular app is available for Windows Phone 8, Android, iOS, and Firefox OS.

No matter what phone you have, you can simply read the following QR-Code with your phone and it will redirect your to the right app store where you can download the app:

spoonacular app QR Code


Crystal Schlegelmilch

Written by on April 7th 2014

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