Recipe API

Our recipe API includes over 360,000 recipes as well as an open source recipe database.

With our recipe endpoints, you can query the database in the following ways:

Search Recipes by Ingredients

Find recipes based on ingredients. You can either maximize the used ingredients (think "I really want to make something with chicken, ginger, AND coconut milk") or minimize the missing ingredients (think "what's in your fridge?").

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Search Recipes by Nutrients

Find a set of recipes that adhere to specific calorie, protein, fat, and/or carbohydrate limits.

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Search Recipes Complex

Search recipes with more advanced filtering/ranking. Possible parameters include cuisine, diets/intolerances, and ingredients included/excluded.

Possible cuisines our semantic recipe search understands include:

Diets supported by our recipe API include:

You can see how we define each of these diets here.

Intolerances/allergies supported by our recipe API include:

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Analyze Recipe Instructions

Extract ingredients and equipment from the recipe instruction steps.

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Get Random Recipes

Find random (popular) recipes.

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Get Similar Recipes

Recommends similar recipes.

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Visualize Recipe Nutrition

Provides a nutritional analysis of the recipe.

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Visualize Price Breakdown

Provides a cost estimate of the recipe.

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