Ingredient and Nutrition API

The ingredient endpoints of our API can be used get information for the 2600+ ingredients in our food database, from apples to za'atar. The bulk of the data was sourced from food manufacturers and governmental organizations such as the USDA.

Here are some of the endpoints you can use:

Parse Ingredients

Extract an ingredient from plain text. Endpoint returns amount, unit, ingredient name, and ingredient ID.

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Get Food Information

Provides nutritional information for ingredients, including macro- and micronutrients. You can also find out which supermarket aisle the ingredient is commonly found in.

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Get Ingredient Substitutes

Search for substitutes for a given ingredient. Think applesauce instead of oil for some baking recipes.

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Convert Amounts

Convert between US and metric measurements, e.g. "2 cups flour to grams."

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Map Ingredients to Grocery Products

Map a list of ingredients to products you can buy in the grocery store. Instead of just "butter" you might want "Kerrygold Butter" with a UPC, so those specific products can be added to a grocery list or directly to an online shopping cart. Let your users shop by recipe!

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Visualize Ingredients

This endpoint matches any ingredient with a high quality image (to learn more about showing images, read this). You can also input an entire ingredient list and produce a beautiful visual ingredient list. Perfect for food blogs or simply to improve existing recipe content.

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Our food ingredients database makes spoonacular a great nutrition API for numerous applications, such as a recipe calorie calculator or a shopping companion.