Food Products API

Every recipe consists of products, of course. A recipe calling for Greek yogurt, walnuts, and honey could be made with organic Stonyfield Greek yogurt, Diamond of California walnuts, and Aunt Sue's honey. Moreover, most people don't cook every single meal they eat from scratch - a frozen pizza or canned soup is bound to make an appearance at some point. For these reasons, we wanted the spoonacular API to include a database of branded grocery products.

Product-related API endpoints include:

Search Grocery Products

Find packaged foods by typing in anything from "applesauce" to "Zatarain's". You can also find products that are suitable for specific diets or that meet certain nutritional requirements (e.g. calories per serving or how much protein, fat, carbs). Diets supported by our food products API include:

You can see how we define each of these diets here.

Intolerances/allergies supported by our food products API include:

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Search Grocery Products by UPC

Get product information based on UPC.

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Get Product Information

Provides the product's nutritional information, analyzed ingredient list, etc.

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Get Comparable Products

Recommends similar products and compares them based on nutritional information.

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So whether you're making a grocery list app or have an idea for the online grocery industry, the spoonacular API has endpoints that can help you get there.